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Tennessee Valley Chapter Speaker's Bureau

​​The Tennessee Valley Chapter of the NSSAR operates a speaker's bureau to promote a better understanding and greater appreciation of American history, primarily for the colonial period, Revolutionary War, and early development of the constitutional republic.  Speakers are available for schools, civic associations, and other non-profit organizations.  Most of the presentations will be 20 to 40 minutes in length.  These speakers may also serve as sources of specialized information for media outlets.  If interested in getting assistance from the Speaker's Bureau, please contact Jess Brown at

Speaker Topic
Bob Anderson
  • Southern Campaign of the American Revolution [Battles, concepts, and people involved]
  • Fourteen Forgotten Presidents
  • Battle of Blackstock's Plantation
  • Battle of Fort Charlotte
  • Life of General Daniel Morgan
  • The Southern Campaign - A Civil War
Kay Anderson
  • Ladies of the Revolution
  • Revolutionary War Clothing
Bob Baccus
  • Music of the American Revolution [How the Drum and Fife were used in the Patriotic Army.]
  • The Christian Values and Principles of our Founding Fathers [How Separation and State came about. Religion of eight Founding Fathers.]
Dr. Jess Brown
  • Who was James Madison, the Father of the U. S. Constitution?
  • Article V: Another Constitutional Convention?
Waymon Burke, Ph.D. Declaration of Independence: What It Says and What It Means
David Byers John Hunt - Huntsville's Original Settler
Connie Cook
  • Common Sense by Thomas Paine
  • Flintlock Weapons of the American Revolution
Mark Hubbs American Uniforms of the Revolutionary War
Martha Ann Whitt Meet Dolly Madison: A Dramatic Presentation

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