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                                                                   APPROVED November 8, 2021

                                                                               TENNESSEE VALLEY CHAPTER
                                    Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution
                                                    CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS

1. Constitution                                                                                                                       
    Article I                       Name                                                  
    Article II                      Objects                                               
    Article III                     Membership                                      
    Article IV                     Officers                                              
    Article V                      Quorum and Proxies                          
    Article VI                     Headquarters                                      
    Article VII                    Insignia                                               
    Article VIII                   Amendments              
2. By-Laws                                                                                                                
    Article I                       Membership, Applications and Dues           
    Article II                      Liability                                             
    Article III                     Nomination and Election of Officers                         
    Article IV                     Duties of Officers                              
    Article V                      Regular Chapter Meetings
    Article VI                     Board of Officers Meetings                                       
    Article VII                    Committees
    Article VIII                   Deactivation                                       
    Article IX                     Parliamentary Authority                   
    Article X                      Amendments                                                  

                                                    1. CONSTITUTION

                                                                                           ARTICLE I – NAME

The name of the Chapter is "TENNESSEE VALLEY CHAPTER, Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution".  It is sometimes referred to in this Constitution and By-Laws as the "Chapter".

                                                                  ARTICLE II – OBJECTS

The objects of this Society shall be to perpetuate the memory of the men and women, who by their services or sacrifices during the War of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people; to unite and promote fellowship among their descendants; to inspire them and the community at large with a more profound reverence for the principles of government founded by our forefathers; to encourage historical research and education in relation to the American Revolution; to acquire, preserve and publish the records of the individual service of the Patriots of the War, as well as documents concerning the same; to conserve relics and landmarks; to mark the scenes of the Revolution by appropriate memorials; to celebrate the anniversaries of the prominent events of the War; to foster true Patriotism, and to maintain and extend the institutions of American freedom.

                                                                                       ARTICLE III - MEMBERSHIP

Any man shall be eligible for membership in this Chapter, who has made application and been accepted for membership in the National Society and the Alabama Society, Sons of the American Revolution.  The criteria for membership are as set forth in the Constitution of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.

                                                                                          ARTICLE IV - OFFICERS

The officers of the Chapter shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Corresponding Secretary, a Recording Secretary, a Treasurer, a Registrar, a Historian, a Chaplain, a Genealogist, and a Chancellor.  They shall be chosen by the ballots of a majority of members present at the Chapter meeting in February and installed at the March meeting each year.  The elected officers, together with the Immediate Past President and Past Presidents (ex-officio non-voting members) shall constitute the Board of Officers and shall have charge of the affairs of the Chapter.

                                                                                ARTICLE V - QUORUM AND PROXIES

A quorum of the Chapter shall be required for the transaction of business.  The number constituting a quorum is defined in the By-Laws Article V and Article VI.  Proxies shall not be voted at any meeting of the Chapter.

                                                                                     ARTICLE VI - HEADQUARTERS

The headquarters of the Chapter and the location of its meeting place shall be in Huntsville, Alabama.

                                                                                         ARTICLE VII - INSIGNIA

The insignia of the Society shall comprise (1) a cross, surmounted by an eagle in gold, (2) a rosette.  A detailed description of the insignia, the criteria for acquisition and the conditions for possession, display and surrender are set forth in By-Laws of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution

                                                                                    ARTICLE VIII - AMENDMENTS

This Constitution may be altered, amended or repealed by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at any meeting or special meeting called for the purpose provided a notice was sent to all members fourteen (14) days in advance, and further that such alteration or amendment is in conformance with the National and State Societies Constitution and By-Laws.

                                                                         2. BY-LAWS

                                                                    ARTICLE I – Membership, Applications and Dues

Section 1.    Applications for membership must be prepared in the manner prescribed by the National Society on official forms furnished by the National Society.  Applications must be generated from one of several National Society accepted computer software programs and must be printed on an ink jet printer (prints of applications from laser printers are not acceptable), signed by the applicant and forwarded with checks for Chapter, State and National Societies application fees and membership dues.  Every applicant and/or member shall be responsible for informing the Corresponding Secretary of any change in his mailing address and/or email address.

Section 2.        All eligible applicants will be accepted as Chapter members upon approval by the State and National Societies.

Section 3.      The schedule of State and National fees is subject to change by those Societies.  The Chapter dues may be changed by vote of the Chapter membership.  Annual per capita dues become due each 1st of December and will become delinquent on the 1st of January following.  The fiscal year of the Chapter begins on the 1st of April of each year.

Section 4.      A member who is in arrears for dues on the 15th of January shall be dropped automatically from the rolls and is not thereafter eligible to participate in any activity of the Society.  A former member may be reinstated at any time upon the payment of current annual dues and any reinstatement fee imposed by the National and State Societies or the Chapter.

                                                                                        ARTICLE II - LIABILITY
No member of the Chapter shall become liable to the Chapter, State or National Societies for any amount other than annual dues, reinstatement fees or supplemental line fees, and these only to maintain membership.

                                                            ARTICLE III - NOMINATION AND ELECTION OF OFFICERS

Section 1.      The President at the Chapter meeting in December, shall appoint a Nominating Committee of four members consisting of the current President (ex-officio member) and three others from the membership, who shall report their nominations for officers.  This report shall be included in the notice of the February meeting.  Nothing herein contained shall restrict or prevent nominations from the floor.

Section 2.        In case of a vacancy in any office or if from disability or other causes, any Officer shall be unable to perform his duties, the Board of Officers shall have power to fill the place for the time being, or for the balance of an unexpired term, as the case may require.  The Board of Officers shall make the appointment at the next scheduled Chapter meeting after the office has been determined to be vacant.  In the event that the President is unable to perform his duties, the Vice-President will assume the office of President and the Board of Officers will fill the office of Vice-President.

Section 3.     Any elected or appointed officer other than the President and the Vice-President may hold more than one office if it is deemed necessary or desirable by the membership.

Section 4.      The President may succeed himself for a second term if nominated and elected at the Annual Meeting of the Chapter.  He may not succeed himself a second time.

Section 5.       A member who has served two successive terms as President may again be elected to the office, provided a period of two (2) years has elapsed since he has served in the office.

                                                                                ARTICLE IV - DUTIES OF OFFICERS

Section 1.        PRESIDENT

The President shall fulfill the customary duties of the office and shall maintain general supervision over the affairs of the Chapter. He shall keep the Chapter membership informed on all activities of the Chapter.  He shall appoint all Committee Chairmen not herein appointed. In the absence or inability of the President to serve, his duties shall be performed temporarily by the Vice-President, the Corresponding Secretary or the Treasurer in that order of succession.

Section 2.        VICE-PRESIDENT

The Vice-President shall assist the President in the discharge of his duties.  He will constantly familiarize himself with the activities of the Chapter and serve as Chairman of the Program Committee, as well as chapter Parliamentarian.  He will also safeguard and make available designated equipment and supplies at Chapter meetings.  He is also responsible for obtaining speaker mementos such as Chapter Certificates of Appreciation, gifts, etc.


The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for all actions applicable to the management and maintenance of all data and information related to the individual Chapter members, separately and collectively.  The Corresponding Secretary will receive from the ALSSAR Secretary the approved applications of applicants, notify the individuals of their acceptance, and coordinate their induction into the Chapter.  He will maintain a current Chapter membership roster, adding new members as inducted, and advising the State Secretary of members dropped from active roles because of death, non-payment of dues, resignation, relocation, transfer or any other reason.  He is responsible for notifying the membership of the date, time and place for all general membership meetings.  Maintenance of the membership badges, guest list and membership attendances lists for each meeting will be accomplished by the Corresponding Secretary as well as any electronic data bases of Chapter membership information. 

Section 4.        RECORDING SECRETARY 

The Recording Secretary shall organize all Chapter Business meetings and Chapter Board of Officers meetings, and collect officer and committee reports for such meetings.  He shall record the proceedings and prepare minutes of all Chapter and Board of Officers meetings not later than fourteen days prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.  These minutes shall be posted to the Chapter website for review by the membership.  He will maintain records of all activities of the Chapter and Board of Officers meetings.  He will be responsible for the continuous collection of data and information necessary for the submission of all reports to the State and National organizations pertaining to all of the Chapter’s involvement and participation in the various SAR programs and activities.  On or about 15 March each year, he will collect from other officers who keep records, and with his records provide same to the Chapter Historian for deposit in an appropriate archival facility approved by the Chapter Board of Officers.  He shall prepare correspondence as directed by the President on all items not directly related to membership matters.

Section 5.        TREASURER

The Treasurer shall receive and distribute annual dues cards, collect all dues and other money becoming due or owing to the Chapter and shall deposit the same in some responsible bank to the credit of “The Tennessee Valley Chapter SAR”.   He shall pay out for the benefit of the Chapter only such funds as may be authorized by the President or the Board of Officers for other than those of a routine nature.  He shall keep a true account of his receipts and expenditures and shall render a report of the same at each monthly meeting of the Chapter. The President or Board of Officers may have the Treasurer’s accounts reviewed at any time either may see fit. 

Section 6.        REGISTRAR

The Registrar shall receive or develop all applications and proofs of lineal descent of an applicant from a Patriot for membership in the Society, shall satisfy himself as to the genealogical eligibility of each applicant and shall sign each application after approval by one  other member of the Society. 

Section 7.        HISTORIAN

The Historian will keep a record of the Chapter’s historical, commemorative and patriotic celebrations and social functions.  He shall establish and maintain a necrology with biographies of deceased members.  He shall be the custodian of all historical matter belonging to the Chapter and coordinate collection of same from other Chapter officers, and maintain same in an archival institution approved by the Chapter Board of Officers.  He shall coordinate and cooperate with the Historians of the State and National Societies in the preparation and publication of significant material relating to Chapter activities. 

Section 8.        CHAPLAIN

The Chaplain will serve those functions for the Chapter as is expected on a monthly basis of leading the Chapter in the  Invocation and Benediction and of reporting to the membership any member’s deaths.  Additionally, he will serve the membership in being aware of special needs of health, welfare and morale of the individual members.  The Chaplain is also responsible for the “In Memoriam” gifts being presented in the name of deceased members.

Section 9.        GENEALOGIST

The Genealogist shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Registrar and shall assist in the preparation of applications for membership when called upon to do so. He will maintain a list of volunteer Chapter members who are willing to assist in obtaining copies of selected documents in the local area to support a membership application. This is not to be construed to be willing to do all research for a particular application.

Section 10.      CHANCELLOR

The Chancellor shall be an attorney at law and it shall be his duty to give his opinion on legal questions affecting the Chapter when such questions are referred to him by the Chapter President, or the Vice President in those cases where the subject of the inquiry is the Chapter President. He will review and maintain a copy of all chapter constitution and by-laws.

                                                                     ARTICLE V – REGULAR CHAPTER MEETINGS

Section 1.      The regular meetings of the Chapter shall be held as ordered by the President or the Board of Officers.

Section 2.      The regular meeting in February shall be for the purpose of electing officers and for such other business as may arise.

Section 3.    Special meetings can be called by the President or by any three (3) members of the Board of Officers and may also be called by either upon the written request of ten (10) members of the Chapter.  The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call.  Except in case of emergency at least seven (7) days’ notice shall be given.

Section 4.       Ten members of the Chapter in attendance at a regularly called or special meeting shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5.      Newly elected officers shall be installed at the March meeting.  This should preferably be a luncheon or a dinner meeting with guests invited.  The President of the State Society and his guest will also be invited.  The outgoing President, the new Chapter President and the Installing Officer should be requested to make short remarks or speeches.  The suggested order of business at this meeting will be:

    1.         Call to order by the outgoing Chapter President
    2.         Invocation by the Chaplain
    3.         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
    4.         SAR Pledge.
    5.         Dinner
    6.         Presentation of Awards
    7.         Introduction of the Installing Officer by the outgoing Chapter President
    8.         Address by the Installing Officer
    9.         Address by the outgoing Chapter President
    10.       Installation of the new officers.
    11.       Address by the new Chapter President
    12.       Benediction
    13.       SAR Recessional
    14.      Adjourn

The President may deviate from this order and content as long as all elements are covered.

The Recording Secretary shall notify the State and National Societies of election and installation of officers immediately after the March meeting.


    1.         Call to order by the Presiding Officer
    2.         Invocation by the Chaplain
    3.         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
    4.         SAR Pledge
    5.         Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting.  Presiding Officer will state:  "The minutes have been posted 2 weeks

                     prior to this meeting. Are there any corrections? If not, they stand approved as submitted."
    6.         Officers' reports
    7.         Committee reports
    8.         Introduction of new members and guests
    9.         Unfinished business
    10.       New business
    11.       Introduction of the Speaker or Program
    12.       PresIding Officers' remarks and thanks to the Speaker or Program Principal
    13.       Benediction
    14.       SAR Recessional
    15.       Adjourn

 The President may deviate from this order and content as long as all elements are covered.

                                                                ARTICLE VI – BOARD OF OFFICERS MEETINGS

Section 1.        Chapter Board of Officers (BOO) Meetings shall be held as designated by the President or acting President. 

Section 2.     BOO voting members are the ten elected officers plus the Immediate Past President.  Five of the voting members in attendance shall constitute a quorum.   Each attending voting member has one vote for business items regardless of the number of officer positions held.  The current President only votes in case of a tie.

Section 3.        Chapter Board of Officers Meeting Order of Business

      Call to order by the Presiding Officer
      Invocation by the Chaplain
      Officer Reports
      Old Business
      New Business

The Presiding Officer may deviate from this order and content as necessary.

                                                                             ARTICLE VII – COMMITTEES

Section 1.   The President shall establish and appoint members to serve on committees, standing or special, as the Chapter Membership or Board of Officers deem necessary to carry out the work of the Chapter.

Section 2.        The existing committees and their functions will be posted on the Chapter website. 

                                            ARTICLE VIII – ASSISTANT OFFICER POSITIONS

The President may appoint a Chapter member to be the Assistant to an elected officer in the fulfillment of his duties. This appointment is subject to the confirmation by the Board of Officers at the next scheduled or called meeting.

                                                                           ARTICLE IX -- DEACTIVATION

In the event that the Chapter shall become inactive, all materials and monies shall be transferred to the State Society to be held in trust pending restoration of the Chapter.  Upon the revival of the Chapter, all records, materials and monies (including any earned interest by reason of this trust) shall be returned to the Chapter.

                                                                 ARTICLE X - PARLIAMENTARY AUTHORITY

The Rules contained in the current edition of "Robert's Rules Order - Newly Revised" shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and are not inconsistent with the Chapter Constitution and these By-Laws or any other special rules and orders the Chapter may adopt.

                                                                             ARTICLE XI - AMENDMENTS

The By-Laws may be altered, amended or repealed by vote of two-thirds of the members present at any meeting or special meeting called for the purpose, provided a notice was sent to all members fourteen (14) days in advance, and further that such alteration or amendment is in conformance with the National and State Societies’ Constitution and By-Laws.