2018 Color Guard Members

Robert ANDERSON rldad1@yahoo.com
Bob BACCUS wrbaccus@att.net
Ken BROWN dianeken333@yahoo.com
David CHAFFIN davchaffin@aol.com
Mark COX cox7381@charter.net
John FARR jafar278@gmail.com
Smokey FERGUSON gghp08-11@att.net
Larry HOWELL lwhowell51@yahoo.com
Mark HUBBS threepdr@gmail.com
Randal JENNINGS rsjenn56@gmail.com
James H. MAPLES jhmaples@gmail.com
Robert MEADOWS meadows56@att.net
Joel MIZE joel.mize@comcast.net
Owen F. PHARR Jr. cfar@knology.net
Harell PHILLIPS rharrellphillip@bellsouth.net
E. C. RICHARDSON ecr@hiwaay.net
Joe STEGMAIER joestegmaier71@gmail.com
Otha VAUGHAN skeetv@knology.net
Frank VINZ frankvinz@aol.com
Colin WAKEFIELD colin.d.wakefield@gmail.com

Color Guard Commander:

Randal Jennings


The Tennessee Valley Chapter has a very active Color Guard. We participate in many events throughout the year such as grave markings, school presentations, Constitution Day ceremonies, and other events. If you are interested, contact our Chapter Color Guard Commander at the link below. Also, below are some links to more Color Guard information. Come join us as the "face" of our chapter!

Color Guard

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