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Tom Hewes1958-1959
Not Known1959-1960
Not Known1960-1961
Not Known1961-1962
Not Known1962-1963
Not Known1963-1964
Not Known1964-1965
Not Known1965-1966
Not Known1966-1967
Tom Hewes1967-1968
Tom Hewes1968-1969
Tom Hewes1969-1970
Tom Hewes1970-1971
George Ferrell1971-1972
George Ferrell1972-1973
George Ferrell1973-1974
George Ferrell1974-1975
Major James G. Charles1975-1976
Major James G. Charles1976-1977
Col. Frank Creighton1977-1978
William D. Page/Larry Troop1978-1979
Harris S. Moore, Sr.1979-1980
Kenneth Carpenter1980-1981
Alan G. Raffalovich1981-1982
Shuyler H. Richardson, III1982-1983
William C. Pittman1983-1984
Willis Burhans1984-1985
Terrin C. Cothran1985-1986
James F. Nixon, Jr.1986-1987
Not Known1987-1988
Donald Van Brunt1988-1989
Alan Raffalovich1989-1990
James F. Nixon, Jr.1990-1991
Bruce Haney1991-1992
Charles Riley1992-1993
Charles Riley1993-1994
Henry W. Tuttle1994-1995
Hoyt O. Smith1995-1996
David E. Milam1996-1997
George A. Hall1997-1998
Edward Worden1998-1999
Edward Worden1999-2000
Ernest W. Ritch2000-2001
Ray Whitt2001-2002
James H. Maples2002-2003
James G.Alexander2003-2004
Steve Pearce2004-2005
Mark Alexander2005-2006
Derald Morgan2006-2007
Brian Alexander2007-2008
Richard A. Smallwood , Sr.2008-2009
C. David Billings, PhD2009-2010
William Larry Crabtree2010-2011
Conrad E. Cook, IV2011-2012
George W. Royer, Jr.2012-2013
Robert L. Anderson2013-2014
Robert S. Doherty2014-2015
Harold E. Thornton2015-2016
Bob Baccus2016-2017
Millard "Mac" Moon2017-2018
Randal S. Jennings2018-2019
James K. Griffith2019-2020

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